Focal Point Furniture


Simple elegant focal Points for your home

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From floor to ceiling we've got you covered.

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Focal point prints 


We have a bespoke framing service here at Focal Point Furniture. From family heirlooms, to your wee ones masterpieces. Sports tops to Oil Paintings, we have you covered. We also have a range of inspiring prints carefully selected for your consideration.

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We love an innovative design and source furniture that is functional and practical yet effortlessly chic.  We think that your home should reflect your personality and be filled with things you love.



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Draw from your natural surroundings 


Take a look around you. If you are lucky enough to live in the Scottish borders like we are, then you'll draw inspiration from your Natures ever changing flow of Flora and Fauna.  Our eclectic purchasing choices are inspired by a mixture of Natural and man made compositions, the old and the new... Charmed by Innovation and contemporary designs and with more than a purposeful nod to the way things used to be; we aim to bring you a cool collection of pieces to sit well in ANY environment.

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